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Does my rabbit need a friend?


Yes, all rabbits need to be in pairs.  A neutered boy and spayed girl make the best bonded pair.  Two males will fight when they reach maturity even if they are neutered.  You will then have to house them separately indefinitely.


What should I feed my rabbit?


Rabbits require 80% of their diet to be hay.  This also helps to grind down their teeth which constantly grow. This equates to about 3 times their size in bundles of hay.  The remainder should be about 15% assorted greens and just 5% nuggets.  This is only one egg cup of nuggets per rabbit per day.  I know it doesn’t sound much but it is genuinely all they need, despite what it might say on the feed bag.


Never feed muesli type dry food.  This is very bad for rabbits.  Burgess have stopped making it and Pets At Home have stopped selling it as it is so bad for them.


Does my house rabbit need vaccinating?


Yes all rabbits should be vaccinated.  

They can be vaccinated from 5 weeks of age against myxomatosis and VHD.  RHDV2  vaccination should also be considered.

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